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  • Today's Show | Jogging Safety | Personal Security Defense Devices

    On the Today's show "Jogging safety: How to protect yourself while running," the conversation was on the murder of Molle Tibbets, an Iowa college student.  Over a period of time, Molle and several other victims went running and never made it back home.

    Frightening stats shared on the interview:

    --30% of women surveyed by Runner's 2016 said that they have been followed by someone in a car, on foot, or by bike while running.

    --58% of women under 30 said they experience harassment while on a run.

    Jenna Bush Hager interviews former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpouras on the need to stay safe while jogging.

    Here are some takeaways from that interview:

    --Don't be afraid of going on a run, but be proactive. Know your surroundings.  Is it heavily populated?  With help nearby, your chances of being harassed go down.

    --If the run is during the nights, is the place well lit?  You are more prone to being assaulted when it gets dark.  Assailants can easily hide within the shadows.

    --Always tell someone where you're going and how long you'll be gone.  This shares the responsibility with others.

    --Download tracking apps like "Find My Friends" to share location information. Others can help pinpoint your locations while on the trail.

    --If you have earphones on, you should always be looking, scanning your surroundings.  Be aware of who is on your radar and especially who is behind you.

    --If attached, Agent Evy said you need to be quick, and fierce and violent when you strike a person.

    The most important tip Agent Evy emphasized: Situational Awareness.  Be proactive.  Avoid putting yourself in vulnerable places ...planning ahead for each activity in order to minimize the risk.

    The agent recommends that everyone takes a class in self-defense and strongly suggests Pepper Sprays, personal alarms, and keys as self-defensive weapons.

    How helpful are these self-defense Products?

     Effects of Pepper Spray on Humans

    Pepper Shot Self Defense Tri Pack Scoville Units Pepper spray Multi Pack

    Pepper Spray contains an active ingredient called OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is derived from the very hot cayenne peppers.

    When this inflammatory agent comes in contact with the human membranes it causes intense pain and swelling.  Breathing becomes difficult.

    The victim becomes immobilized for several minutes thus giving you a chance to safely escape.  There is no lasting damage to the assailant.

    Pepper sprays are easy to carry and fit easily in your pocket or attached to a keychain. They can be disguised as pens, lipsticks, etc..

    Personal Panic Alarm Tactical Devices

    Keychain Panic Personal Alarm With Light Personal Alarm Keychain Flashlight

    Personal alarms are simple devices you can carry while on the run. They can come disguised as lipsticks or keychains.

    A simple push of a button sets off a loud alarm that would deter any would-be predator.

    Heart Attack Defense Keychain

    Heart Attack Personal Defense Tactical Keychain Heart Attack Safety Defense Keychain

    The heart attack personal defense tactical Keychain is a simple but lethal device you can use to stop a mugger dead in his tracks.  Wrap your fingers between this piece of hard plastic and deliver a painful jab to bring the bad dude down.

    Women joggers are always at risks while on the trail.  They are often viewed as being vulnerable.  Please don't be another Molly Tibbets. Take all the precautions necessary and certainly be prepared
    for any emergency situation.

    Here's the link to the Today's show video conversation.

    Here at iTech Defense, we offer all your safety and security needs. All our products are on sale and we offer FREE shipping as well.

    If you have questions, one of our qualified reps will be happy to address all your concerns.

    So, in the wake of recent crimes against women, stay safe while jogging.

  • Emergency Paracord Tactical Bracelet – 5 Amazing Survival Uses

    Emergency Paracord Tactical Bracelet

    The stars of the American reality series: Naked and Afraid, have to survive the hostile wilderness for 21 days with just one helpful item of choice: a hatchet or a fire starter.

    They have to feed, house and clothed themselves using just the resources within their environment.

    A TV crew follows them around and in a life and death emergency situation; help is not too far away.   But for the real survivalists trapped in dire situations, life is not a reality show.

    The real jungles of this world pose many challenges for the lost: mosquitoes hungry enough to suck every drop of blood from your body to prehistoric-sized anacondas eager to hug you in a tight coil.

    Besides these extreme dangers, there is the immediate need for food and water.

    An item to help you survive a treacherous jungle is the ParaTinder Paracord Bracelet with flint fire tinder.

    This simple wrist accessory is an innovative tool for any emergency preparedness.   The bracelet is made from the same durable nylon cord used in military parachutes.   In a crunch, this tool can save your life. Here are 5 amazing survival uses:

    Catching Fish

    The paracord survival bracelet can easily be unraveled.  Take a yard from the main cord; attach one end to a long stick or slender branch
    and the other end to a piece of bait.  Pick a convenient spot and wait for your meal to bite.

    You can have several fishing lines working for you while you concentrate on other lifesaving tasks.

    Trapping Games

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions and there is no excuse to go hungry while trapped in a hostile jungle teeming with wildlife.  There are several ways to fashion a noose from a paracord and lay your snare for small games.

    Another idea:  Find a flexible sapling and create a simple bow using the cord. With a few sturdy and pointed sticks, you’ll have a crude set of arrows to hunt down small animal or bird games.

    With a few practice shots, you’ll become an expert hunter going for bigger preys.

    Drinking Water

    The human body can go for days without proper food, but won’t last long without fresh water. With a bit of creativity, you can fashion some simple containers from large leaves, tying them together with a few strands of the paracord emergency bracelet.

    When it rains, these containers will collect all the fresh water you’ll need to survive for a few days.

    Pitching Tent

    During the day, the jungle can seem closer to the sun.   At some point, you’ll need some form of shelter to prevent being cremated.

    The serrated knife is sharp enough to saw a few branches for a crude tent.  The paracord has a breakage point of 550 pounds - strong
    enough to bind these branches together for a simple thatched camp.

    Creating Fire

    The paracord survival bracelet fire starter comes with a flint and fire starter.  Simply scratch the flint rod with the serrated knife and in no time you’ll have a fire going.

    The serrated knife can cut small twigs. Just gather a few bundles, and with a few strands of the cord, you’ll have enough tinder for a blaze.

    Nights out in the jungle can see the temperature drop considerably. With a simple fire, you can stay warm and toasty while snacking on your crunchy Bar-B-Q rattlers.

    So, how long can you survive in the jungle?  The reality stars are given 21 days.  You may be lost for many more before help arrives. To endure the harsh elements and live like Dick Van Dyke in the 1966 comedy film Lt. Robinson Crusoe U.S.N., you’ll need just one tool of choice: The Emergency Paracord Tactical Bracelet.

    In a crunch, this bling can transform from a simple fashion accessory to an innovative piece of emergency preparedness tool.  Heck!  You might even emerge from the jungle and walk straight into the set of Naked and Afraid!

    Additional Paracord products:

    ParaTinder Zipper Pull 2-Pack - -  $5.95  --  $5.06

    UST ParaTinder Zipper Pull UST Brands Paratinder Zipper Pull








    Paracord Koozie Preparedness Bag --  $19.95  --  $16.96

    Discount Paracord Koozie Preppers Survival Bag Paracord Koozie Emergency Bag








    Paracord Grenade Survival Kit - -  $7.95   --  $6.76

    Buy Paracord Grenade Emergency Preparedness Kit Paracord Tactical Grenade Survival Gear Tool









    All of iTechDefense products come with FREE shipping

  • UST FeatherLite Emergency Survival Kits List And Uses Review


    FeatherLite Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) contains a variety of basic but indispensable supplies
    that are a must in any emergency preparedness situations. You never know when disaster will strike, thus you want to have
    this kit readily available in your home, car or camping trips. The contents are stored inside a lightweight bright orange pouch that makes it easy to store or locate.


    The FeatherLite Survival Kit comes in three versions: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The prices vary with the versions.
    Version 1.0: $18.95 $16.11
    Version 2.0: $29.95 $25.46
    Version 3.0: $39.95 $33.96

    The prices have been reduced and all the kits come with FREE shipping.

    What's Included In The Ultimate Survival Kit List?

    FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 1.0:

    UST FeatherLite Emergency Preparedness Kit? [$16.11] FeatherLite Survival Kit 1.0
    1 - 4" Lightstick
    1 - box of waterproof matches
    1 - emergency poncho
    1 - emergency whistle
    1 - signal mirror
    1 - button compass
    1 - emergency blanket
    1 - survival towel
    1 - instruction sheet
    Dimensions 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7 oz.

    FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 2.0:

    UST FeatherLite Emergency Survival Kit FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0

    1 - 6" Light Stick
    1 - Mini Flashlight
    1 - Box of Waterproof Matches
    1 - Emergency Poncho
    1 - Emergency Whistle
    1 - Signal Mirror
    1 - Button Compass
    1 - Emergency Blanket
    1 - Survival Towel
    1 - Carabiner Knife
    1 - Instruction Sheet

    Dimensions 5" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7.8 oz.

    FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 3.0:

    UST FeatherLite Survival Kit Necessities FeatherLite Survival Kit 3.0

    2 - 6" light sticks
    1 - button compass
    1 - emergency whistle
    1 - spark wheel
    2 - emergency ponchos
    2 - survival towels
    1 - mini flashlight
    1 - signal mirror
    2 - wet fire tinder
    2 - emergency blankets
    1 - carabiner knife
    1 - instruction sheet
    Dimensions 5" x 8" x 1 3/provides 13.6 oz.

    Good Stuffs

    Light Sticks: Lightsticks emit a ghostly glow and provides excellent navigation in the dark. These glow sticks are waterproof. They signal your position and are a great aid in rescue operations. Use them as lamps for recreational diving or camping.

    Waterproof Matches: Fire is essential for any survival needs, and what's more important than waterproof matches. You may be inundated with torrential rain or your escape route may include navigating creeks or rivers. Wouldn't be nice to have a box handy for such extreme situations? I bet you do.

    Emergency Poncho: The poncho has several uses besides the usual rainy day's protection. Here are some:

    • Use it as a basin or bowl to collect rain for drinking purposes
    • Fashion a crude tent and retreat from the intense heat. You may need a paracord for this purpose
    • It can be used as a sack to carry some of your items
    • Spread it on the ground and rest your weary self...especially if the ground is wet. Sure, it's not 5-star luxury sleep, but in a pinch, it'll add some comfort.

    Emergency Whistle: This versatile piece of gadget can save your hide in countless situations. It is a must-have tool in any survival kit. This becomes your distress call when lost in the woods, adrift at sea, or critically injured and in dire need of emergency help.

    If you feel you're in danger of being attacked by a stalker, a shrill from this small tool can instantly attract a crowd.
    Fashion a necklace out of it and keep it close to you.

    Signal Mirror: You may not be versatile in the use of Morse Code, but in a crunch, this signaling device can attract the crucial help you need. The signal can be seen for many miles and can be spotted by ships and airplanes as well. Reflect the intense heat from the sun and in a hurry, you can have a neat fire going.

    Button Compass: This valuable piece of equipment comes in handy whether you're using it for survival or for navigational purposes. A basic understanding of the points of reference can prevent you from going around circles.

    Emergency Blanket: The first time I used this thermal or weather blanket was at the end of a marathon I ran in Dallas ...called the White Rock Marathon. Heat reflective emergency blankets have several uses besides keeping you warm. You've probably seen pics of the soccer boys using them while waiting to be rescued from their cave in Thailand. They are also referred to as space blankets.

    Survival Towel: Why lug around huge heavy towels when a light compact one will do. These come rolled up in a convenient disc. Remove from disk, drop into a container of water and watch it miraculously unfolds itself. Just squeeze out the excess water and voila, you have a towel you can instantly use. This towel is very versatile and has a multitude of uses. It absorbs water easily. Pinch a few strands of fibers off and instantly you have a fire tinder.

    Carabiner Knife: The carabiner has a multitude of uses. This one comes with a knife attached. Secure it on your belt, your backpack, or whatever is convenient for easy carry.

    Spark Wheel: Generate hundreds of sparks with this small, compact and versatile UST flint and
    Micro SparkWheel Fire Starter. It works just like a cigarette lighter. Create sparks in cold, wet and windy conditions. It comes housed in a handy little plastic tube.

    Wet Fire Tinder: The 3.0 kit comes with 2 sets of wet fire tinder.

    Mini Flashlight: In some situations, you might need a small mini flashlight rather than a heavy-duty one. You might need to focus your light through a small crevice and as such a mini is your tool of choice.

    What's Needed

    A few First Aid items like bandages and gauzes from the UST Heritage Emergency Readiness Kit would be useful items to round out this kit. But you can always carry these with you in any of your camping trips or wilderness explorations.


    At its basic level, you'll need water, food, and shelter in an emergency situation. These UST FeatherLite Survival Kits have the essential supplies to start fires, signal for help, stay warm and navigate your way to safety if necessary.
    And they come with prices that fit your budget. Always be prepared for the unexpected. A single emergency kit and some simple common sense can mean the difference between life and death.

  • UST Brands ParaKnife FS 4.0 With Paracord And Fire Starter Review


    The ParaKnife FS 4.0 by Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) is a full tang budget survival steel blade knife.
    It is perfect for jungle treckers, wilderness explorers or weekend campers who need a simple tool for routine
    tasks, or in a pinch, function as a solid emergency preparedness tool.

    UST ParaKnife FS 4.0 Paraknife FS 4.0 Fire Starter


    The UST ParaKnife FS 4.0 comes with an MSRP of $19.95. However, if you go through this link, you can purchase
    it at a discount for $16.96 and it comes with FREE shipping.

    What's Included?

    • Durable, full tang survival knife with 4-inch, 4 mm thick stainless steel, half-serrated blade for quick rope-cutting
    • 4” (101mm) blade is rust-resistant, designed for rugged use, and serrated for quick rope-cutting
    • Includes magnesium fire starter; use the knife blade to create sparks in all weather conditions
    • Paracord handle wrap provides a secure grip in all weather conditions and unwraps to about 6’ of cordage
    • Tease out core threads to use as fishing line, sewing thread, and more
    • Includes flint fire starter and protective sheath
    • Use the knife blade to create sparks in all weather conditions

    Good Stuff

    The ParaKnife comes Sharp and Sturdy out of the box. The half-serrated blade effortless cuts through rope and small branches.
    This is useful if you're hoping to pitch a tent or need shavings or twigs to start a fire.

    The blade has a black oxide coating for rust resistance.

    Create fires in a snap with the magnesium fire starter.

    Magnesium Fire Starter Flint Fire Starter

    The six-foot bright orange paracord that functions as a handle has a myriad of uses in any emergency situations. Use it
    as a belt, shoelace, clothesline and more.

    The protective nylon sheath comes with a convenient clip and secures safely around your belt for safe travel and storage.

    Bad Stuff

    The nylon sheath is a bit flimsy and can do with some improvements. Also, it seems a tad too big for the knife.
    The paracord is not tightly wrapped around the handle and it is not of the highest quality like the Paratinder 550 Paracord With Fire Tinder.

    Its big brother, the ParaCuda FS is more robust.


    The Paraknife fs 4.0 fire starter functions well in an emergency situation. The blade is durable. and the paracord has many life-saving features.

    The magnesium fire starter creates sparks in any weather situations. Before you make a decision, think about this: Can you put a premium on your life?

    In a crunch, can it help you? Can it function as a budget knife? If you answer "yes" to these simple answers, then you decide.

    Our customer service reps are on standby to answer all your questions.

  • Survival Paracord Bracelet - 9 Amazing Uses - Free Shipping

    The ultimate survival technologies paracord bracelet seems like a regular bling, but don't be fooled by its looks.
    In a crunch, this simple fashion accessory can instantly be transformed into a life-saving tool.

    Here's How:

    Fishing Line

    The saying "...teach a man how to fish" is not just wisdom in general. It can make the difference between going hungry
    or getting fed. Strip one of the nylon strands from the main cord, attach a piece of bait to one end and lure
    your meal while you go about other tasks.

    Simple Trap

    How many times have you done this as a kid? Creating a noose and snaring little insects.  The same principle applies to
    any emergency situation. The paracord is long enough to fashion a crude trap for small game animals or birds.
    Save part of the meat for your fishing bait.

    Dental Floss

    There is no need to forego dental hygiene simply because you're in the jungle. A strand of one of these cords can
    get rid of bits of roasted rattlesnake flesh or other cooked meat wedged between your teeth. Save your breath and
    save your health.

    Sewing Thread

    A stitch in time saves nine and it can also save your life. Pack all the essential tools you need in your survival
    kit. Needles and safety pins are some of the simplest accouterments you'll need when going wilderness backpacking.
    When you're caught in a dire, you can always use a strand of paracord to stitch your clothes, patch your tent, and
    a myriad of other uses. You're just limited by your imaginations.

    Pitch Your Tent

    The Paratinder 550 Paracord with Tinder Core Paratinder Ignitable Paracord

    Paracords were used as suspension cords for parachutes. They come in different lengths and strengths.
    The paracord 550 denoted the amount of weight it can hold before reaching the breaking point. This is enough
    strength to pitch your tent and ensure stability in strong gusts or animals forcing a breach.

    Hang Stuff

    The paracord bracelet is strong enough to hang your clothes, backpack or portions of meat off the ground, out of the
    reach of bears rummaging through your camp for scraps or other animals. Bears have impressive high reaches when
    standing on their hind legs.

    First Aid

    Injured? In a pinch, the paracord will make a proper tourniquet or strong enough to secure a splint to avoid further
    injury or prevent pain. This will give you enough time to seek medical attention.

    Bow and Arrow

    Once you find a flexible sapling, you can fashion a bow using strands from the paracord. Use the knife that comes
    with some of the paracords to sharpen a few sturdy sticks into arrows and you have a hunters arsenal good
    for shooting down small games. Fire off a couple of practice shots before attempting to snag your meal.

    Fire Starter

    Ultimate Survival Technologies Paracord Bracelet Paratinder Ignitable Paracord Bracelet

    Creating fire is one of the very basics of survival skills. You can keep warm, cook your meal, scare off wildlife
    and other fire-essential uses. You may not have matches or lighters available when the need arises, but the paracord
    survival bracelet with fire starter flint & knife can pull double duty. Ignite the tinder core with the fire
    starter and in an instant, you'll get an impressive blaze going.

    Well, there you have it: 9 astonishingly simple but life-saving, survival uses for the paracord survival bracelet
    with flint scraper whistle and cutting tool.

    Of course, you're not limited by these few steps.   Let's look: Anything you can do with a rope,
    you can basically accomplish with the paratinder ignitable paracord bracelet.
    Scratch your imaginations a tad and you can come up with other impressive uses.

    So, the next time you don one of these bracelets; just remember, in a crunch, this simple bling can metamorphose
    itself from a trendy fashion statement into an apocalyptic preparedness tool.

    Have you used this wrist accessory before? If you do, please share your tips and ideas below. Also, any other uses not posted here.


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