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Survival Paracord Bracelet - 9 Amazing Uses - Free Shipping

The ultimate survival technologies paracord bracelet seems like a regular bling, but don't be fooled by its looks.
In a crunch, this simple fashion accessory can instantly be transformed into a life-saving tool.

Here's How:

Fishing Line

The saying "...teach a man how to fish" is not just wisdom in general. It can make the difference between going hungry
or getting fed. Strip one of the nylon strands from the main cord, attach a piece of bait to one end and lure
your meal while you go about other tasks.

Simple Trap

How many times have you done this as a kid? Creating a noose and snaring little insects.  The same principle applies to
any emergency situation. The paracord is long enough to fashion a crude trap for small game animals or birds.
Save part of the meat for your fishing bait.

Dental Floss

There is no need to forego dental hygiene simply because you're in the jungle. A strand of one of these cords can
get rid of bits of roasted rattlesnake flesh or other cooked meat wedged between your teeth. Save your breath and
save your health.

Sewing Thread

A stitch in time saves nine and it can also save your life. Pack all the essential tools you need in your survival
kit. Needles and safety pins are some of the simplest accouterments you'll need when going wilderness backpacking.
When you're caught in a dire, you can always use a strand of paracord to stitch your clothes, patch your tent, and
a myriad of other uses. You're just limited by your imaginations.

Pitch Your Tent

The Paratinder 550 Paracord with Tinder Core Paratinder Ignitable Paracord

Paracords were used as suspension cords for parachutes. They come in different lengths and strengths.
The paracord 550 denoted the amount of weight it can hold before reaching the breaking point. This is enough
strength to pitch your tent and ensure stability in strong gusts or animals forcing a breach.

Hang Stuff

The paracord bracelet is strong enough to hang your clothes, backpack or portions of meat off the ground, out of the
reach of bears rummaging through your camp for scraps or other animals. Bears have impressive high reaches when
standing on their hind legs.

First Aid

Injured? In a pinch, the paracord will make a proper tourniquet or strong enough to secure a splint to avoid further
injury or prevent pain. This will give you enough time to seek medical attention.

Bow and Arrow

Once you find a flexible sapling, you can fashion a bow using strands from the paracord. Use the knife that comes
with some of the paracords to sharpen a few sturdy sticks into arrows and you have a hunters arsenal good
for shooting down small games. Fire off a couple of practice shots before attempting to snag your meal.

Fire Starter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Paracord Bracelet Paratinder Ignitable Paracord Bracelet

Creating fire is one of the very basics of survival skills. You can keep warm, cook your meal, scare off wildlife
and other fire-essential uses. You may not have matches or lighters available when the need arises, but the paracord
survival bracelet with fire starter flint & knife can pull double duty. Ignite the tinder core with the fire
starter and in an instant, you'll get an impressive blaze going.

Well, there you have it: 9 astonishingly simple but life-saving, survival uses for the paracord survival bracelet
with flint scraper whistle and cutting tool.

Of course, you're not limited by these few steps.   Let's look: Anything you can do with a rope,
you can basically accomplish with the paratinder ignitable paracord bracelet.
Scratch your imaginations a tad and you can come up with other impressive uses.

So, the next time you don one of these bracelets; just remember, in a crunch, this simple bling can metamorphose
itself from a trendy fashion statement into an apocalyptic preparedness tool.

Have you used this wrist accessory before? If you do, please share your tips and ideas below. Also, any other uses not posted here.


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