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Today's Show | Jogging Safety | Personal Security Defense Devices

On the Today's show "Jogging safety: How to protect yourself while running," the conversation was on the murder of Molle Tibbets, an Iowa college student.  Over a period of time, Molle and several other victims went running and never made it back home.

Frightening stats shared on the interview:

--30% of women surveyed by Runner's 2016 said that they have been followed by someone in a car, on foot, or by bike while running.

--58% of women under 30 said they experience harassment while on a run.

Jenna Bush Hager interviews former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpouras on the need to stay safe while jogging.

Here are some takeaways from that interview:

--Don't be afraid of going on a run, but be proactive. Know your surroundings.  Is it heavily populated?  With help nearby, your chances of being harassed go down.

--If the run is during the nights, is the place well lit?  You are more prone to being assaulted when it gets dark.  Assailants can easily hide within the shadows.

--Always tell someone where you're going and how long you'll be gone.  This shares the responsibility with others.

--Download tracking apps like "Find My Friends" to share location information. Others can help pinpoint your locations while on the trail.

--If you have earphones on, you should always be looking, scanning your surroundings.  Be aware of who is on your radar and especially who is behind you.

--If attached, Agent Evy said you need to be quick, and fierce and violent when you strike a person.

The most important tip Agent Evy emphasized: Situational Awareness.  Be proactive.  Avoid putting yourself in vulnerable places ...planning ahead for each activity in order to minimize the risk.

The agent recommends that everyone takes a class in self-defense and strongly suggests Pepper Sprays, personal alarms, and keys as self-defensive weapons.

How helpful are these self-defense Products?

 Effects of Pepper Spray on Humans

Pepper Shot Self Defense Tri Pack Scoville Units Pepper spray Multi Pack

Pepper Spray contains an active ingredient called OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is derived from the very hot cayenne peppers.

When this inflammatory agent comes in contact with the human membranes it causes intense pain and swelling.  Breathing becomes difficult.

The victim becomes immobilized for several minutes thus giving you a chance to safely escape.  There is no lasting damage to the assailant.

Pepper sprays are easy to carry and fit easily in your pocket or attached to a keychain. They can be disguised as pens, lipsticks, etc..

Personal Panic Alarm Tactical Devices

Keychain Panic Personal Alarm With Light Personal Alarm Keychain Flashlight

Personal alarms are simple devices you can carry while on the run. They can come disguised as lipsticks or keychains.

A simple push of a button sets off a loud alarm that would deter any would-be predator.

Heart Attack Defense Keychain

Heart Attack Personal Defense Tactical Keychain Heart Attack Safety Defense Keychain

The heart attack personal defense tactical Keychain is a simple but lethal device you can use to stop a mugger dead in his tracks.  Wrap your fingers between this piece of hard plastic and deliver a painful jab to bring the bad dude down.

Women joggers are always at risks while on the trail.  They are often viewed as being vulnerable.  Please don't be another Molly Tibbets. Take all the precautions necessary and certainly be prepared
for any emergency situation.

Here's the link to the Today's show video conversation.

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If you have questions, one of our qualified reps will be happy to address all your concerns.

So, in the wake of recent crimes against women, stay safe while jogging.

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