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UST FeatherLite Emergency Survival Kits List And Uses Review


FeatherLite Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) contains a variety of basic but indispensable supplies
that are a must in any emergency preparedness situations. You never know when disaster will strike, thus you want to have
this kit readily available in your home, car or camping trips. The contents are stored inside a lightweight bright orange pouch that makes it easy to store or locate.


The FeatherLite Survival Kit comes in three versions: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The prices vary with the versions.
Version 1.0: $18.95 $16.11
Version 2.0: $29.95 $25.46
Version 3.0: $39.95 $33.96

The prices have been reduced and all the kits come with FREE shipping.

What's Included In The Ultimate Survival Kit List?

FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 1.0:

UST FeatherLite Emergency Preparedness Kit? [$16.11] FeatherLite Survival Kit 1.0
1 - 4" Lightstick
1 - box of waterproof matches
1 - emergency poncho
1 - emergency whistle
1 - signal mirror
1 - button compass
1 - emergency blanket
1 - survival towel
1 - instruction sheet
Dimensions 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7 oz.

FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 2.0:

UST FeatherLite Emergency Survival Kit FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0

1 - 6" Light Stick
1 - Mini Flashlight
1 - Box of Waterproof Matches
1 - Emergency Poncho
1 - Emergency Whistle
1 - Signal Mirror
1 - Button Compass
1 - Emergency Blanket
1 - Survival Towel
1 - Carabiner Knife
1 - Instruction Sheet

Dimensions 5" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7.8 oz.

FeatherLite Survival Kit Version 3.0:

UST FeatherLite Survival Kit Necessities FeatherLite Survival Kit 3.0

2 - 6" light sticks
1 - button compass
1 - emergency whistle
1 - spark wheel
2 - emergency ponchos
2 - survival towels
1 - mini flashlight
1 - signal mirror
2 - wet fire tinder
2 - emergency blankets
1 - carabiner knife
1 - instruction sheet
Dimensions 5" x 8" x 1 3/provides 13.6 oz.

Good Stuffs

Light Sticks: Lightsticks emit a ghostly glow and provides excellent navigation in the dark. These glow sticks are waterproof. They signal your position and are a great aid in rescue operations. Use them as lamps for recreational diving or camping.

Waterproof Matches: Fire is essential for any survival needs, and what's more important than waterproof matches. You may be inundated with torrential rain or your escape route may include navigating creeks or rivers. Wouldn't be nice to have a box handy for such extreme situations? I bet you do.

Emergency Poncho: The poncho has several uses besides the usual rainy day's protection. Here are some:

  • Use it as a basin or bowl to collect rain for drinking purposes
  • Fashion a crude tent and retreat from the intense heat. You may need a paracord for this purpose
  • It can be used as a sack to carry some of your items
  • Spread it on the ground and rest your weary self...especially if the ground is wet. Sure, it's not 5-star luxury sleep, but in a pinch, it'll add some comfort.

Emergency Whistle: This versatile piece of gadget can save your hide in countless situations. It is a must-have tool in any survival kit. This becomes your distress call when lost in the woods, adrift at sea, or critically injured and in dire need of emergency help.

If you feel you're in danger of being attacked by a stalker, a shrill from this small tool can instantly attract a crowd.
Fashion a necklace out of it and keep it close to you.

Signal Mirror: You may not be versatile in the use of Morse Code, but in a crunch, this signaling device can attract the crucial help you need. The signal can be seen for many miles and can be spotted by ships and airplanes as well. Reflect the intense heat from the sun and in a hurry, you can have a neat fire going.

Button Compass: This valuable piece of equipment comes in handy whether you're using it for survival or for navigational purposes. A basic understanding of the points of reference can prevent you from going around circles.

Emergency Blanket: The first time I used this thermal or weather blanket was at the end of a marathon I ran in Dallas ...called the White Rock Marathon. Heat reflective emergency blankets have several uses besides keeping you warm. You've probably seen pics of the soccer boys using them while waiting to be rescued from their cave in Thailand. They are also referred to as space blankets.

Survival Towel: Why lug around huge heavy towels when a light compact one will do. These come rolled up in a convenient disc. Remove from disk, drop into a container of water and watch it miraculously unfolds itself. Just squeeze out the excess water and voila, you have a towel you can instantly use. This towel is very versatile and has a multitude of uses. It absorbs water easily. Pinch a few strands of fibers off and instantly you have a fire tinder.

Carabiner Knife: The carabiner has a multitude of uses. This one comes with a knife attached. Secure it on your belt, your backpack, or whatever is convenient for easy carry.

Spark Wheel: Generate hundreds of sparks with this small, compact and versatile UST flint and
Micro SparkWheel Fire Starter. It works just like a cigarette lighter. Create sparks in cold, wet and windy conditions. It comes housed in a handy little plastic tube.

Wet Fire Tinder: The 3.0 kit comes with 2 sets of wet fire tinder.

Mini Flashlight: In some situations, you might need a small mini flashlight rather than a heavy-duty one. You might need to focus your light through a small crevice and as such a mini is your tool of choice.

What's Needed

A few First Aid items like bandages and gauzes from the UST Heritage Emergency Readiness Kit would be useful items to round out this kit. But you can always carry these with you in any of your camping trips or wilderness explorations.


At its basic level, you'll need water, food, and shelter in an emergency situation. These UST FeatherLite Survival Kits have the essential supplies to start fires, signal for help, stay warm and navigate your way to safety if necessary.
And they come with prices that fit your budget. Always be prepared for the unexpected. A single emergency kit and some simple common sense can mean the difference between life and death.

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