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Personal Safety

Personal Safety Emergency Alert Device and Protective Equipment

 Are you safe? When you set out on a long distance road trip with your family, or go on a hiking trail with a picnic in mind, or just cuddle on your comfy sofa for an evening movie, do you feel secure?

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Unless you have a dedicated guardian angel from above, chances are, like most of us vulnerable humans, you will need some sort of protection.

Ok. So, let's look at some protective equipment and emergency alert devices to help you traverse live without hitting the panic button.

Women's Personal Safety Products 

Let's face it, in a distressing situation, the gentler sex feels more vulnerable than their male counterparts.

So, whether you're a damsel in distress or just looking for some divas defensive tools, here are a few effective ones:

Combs With Metal Knives - Deliver that close 'brush' with death

Keychain Kubotans - Unleash the killer instinct in you

LED Zoomable Flashlights - Blind your assailant and move in for the knockout

Fashionable Lipstick Alarms - Plant more than a puckered wet kiss

Pen Knives - Write him off with just a stroke

Credit Card Foldable Knives - Send the bastard screaming all the way to the ATM Frighteningly more, etc.

See personal products link

Extendable Baton Self Defense 

If you're hunting for a tactical weapon then the steel baton is an effective tool of choice. With just a flick of the wrist, this baton expands. From a safe distance, you can whack your attacker on the head and send him packing with a permanent bulge and pulsating headache (that'll teach him a life-long lesson)

Personal Safety Lights

Blinking Arm Bands - For when the sun goes down (perfect for walking or jogging)

LED Cell Phone Flash-Lites - Attach to your cell phones

Pet Safety Lights

Do you need to take Fido on an evening stroll? Then don't let the little guy get hurt with careless bikers or drivers. These waterproof, multi-blinkie lights ensure that the little fella has a safe night out.

Bicycle Safety Lights

These safety lights are visible for up to a mile. They illuminate your bike thus enabling you to peddle in that safe zone. Protect your self and drivers with these convenient safety devices and enjoy your leisurely night outs.


You may not be required to slay a Goliath, but these tactical sling weapons might be good enough to save your hide in a tough confrontation with an assailant. It has a range of 100 yards. keep your distance and protect yourself and loved ones.

Automotive Safety

Let's face it. So many mistakes can happen on the road ...especially on a long-distance drive:

You may nod off to sleep

Fatigue may take over and cause you to lose focus

Your car may break down in the middle of a forsaken place with bad dudes around

You may get into an accident and become trapped in your car, or

Just a simple flat tire

These roadside emergency vehicle safety devices enable you to stay alert, escape a wrecked vehicle and protect yourself during those long and hazardous trips.

Child Trackers

Hey, the world is becoming a dangerous place - especially for kids. Everywhere you turn there are child molesters, kidnappers, and perverts.

These child-abductors are bold and brazen enough in clear daylight. And as much as we want to be careful as parents, there are so many distractions that in a split second, your child can go missing.

A Wireless Child Leash Wristband is the perfect solutions for your child's safety.

Grab these for your little angels and prevent those Amber alerts.

SafeFamilyLife Kits

These family emergency kits provide the ultimate protection in your vehicles, apartments and outdoors.

They include such items as:

Pepper spray

Pocket Whistle

Keychain alarm

Magnetic door and stop alarms, and lots more... They also come with instructional DVDs Blow Guns and Accessories

These are not toys but real tactical weapons for your defense. The darts can penetrate 1/4 of plywood with ease. Just think how far it will dig into the human flesh.

Dog and Bear Repellents

Chances are you may encounter one of these bad boys on a wilderness hike or right within your local city streets.

Bad dogs and big bears are easily kept at bay with these repellents.

Personal Safety Alarms

These alarms provide the voice you may lack in an emergency situation. Your screams may not be loud enough to attract attention or dissuade an assailant. But these decibel-high gadgets can frighten an aggressor and draw the attention you need.

They look like simple accessories you can wear or carry on your backpacks.

Security Scanners

Used effectively in bars, nightclubs, and school to scan for weapons or knives or any lethal metal devices. These personal safety devices or tools are your big burly bodyguards in any emergency situations.

Whether you're indoors or outdoors, they act as your guardian angels providing the sort of protection you need when in a jam. All of our security and self-defense products are sold at a discount and comes with FREE shipping.