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Survival Gear

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The stars of the reality show, Naked and Afraid, have to survive the wilderness for 21 days with just one helpful item of choice: A hatchet or a fire starter. Real life survival is not a game or show for Discovery Channel. Your life is at stake and in a crunch, you have to find water, gather food, build a makeshift shelter and stay relatively healthy.

Give yourself a fighting chance to stay alive by carrying these survival gears:

Clean Water

Your body is made up of around 60% water. You will die unless you consume a proper amount each day. Freshwater might not be available when you need it. You might have to contend with contaminated water and prepare to get sick. But it does not need to get to that situation if you carry a portable water bottle with build in filter.

This system removes 99.99% bacteria with 0.01-micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and is BPA free. In a pinch, you can turn rain, river and creek water into drinkable water immediately.

This bottle is convenient enough to fit in your backpack and is ideal for hiking, wilderness exploration or any emergency situation.

The portable water gravity pouch is another important tool in your survival kit. This pouch stores 72 ounces of your filtered water. The more fresh water you have the better your chance of overcoming dehydration.

Fresh Food

Humans are capable of going without food for days and even weeks. But you need not starve yourself when you can use these capable tools to feed yourself:

The Paratinder 550 Paracord With Fire Tinder has many uses that could save your hide. It has the durability to tie down a tent, trap wild games, hang meat or personal possessions far from the reach of bears or other animals.

Unwrap a single tinder thread and you can fashion a fishing line, create a bow, floss your teeth, stitch your clothes among other uses.

It is also useful as a fire tinder when used with the Paracord Bracelet Tinder Fire Starter. You can get a quick fire going in any sorts of weather. When the Chilean plane crashed in the Andes, the surviving members resorted to eating their dead buddies. No need to resort to this cannibalistic behavior. With these two tools, you can comfortably feed yourself.

Makeshift Tent

Getting lost in the jungle does not mean that you have to panic and give up hope. You will face all sorts of weather conditions. The sun could become unmerciful during the day while freezing your butt during the evenings. Constructing a makeshift tent or having a portable tent is a great way to survive these extreme weathers.

Of course, you'll need some cutting tools to chop or saw branches for setting up your crude camp. The wire saw is lightweight but sturdy enough to cut through logs or branches and is useful for a number of survival purposes. You'll also need a few sturdy knives for cutting up fish, or meat.

There are several survival knives on the market to save your hide. Here a few:

ParaKnife FS 4.0

Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle

ParaCuda FS

Heritage Knife 1.0

Compact Travel Knife

World's Fastest Opening Pocket knife, and

The surgically sharp Credit Card Foldable Knife.

Fire Starters

Master the skill of creating fire, and you're ahead of the pack in meeting your emergency preparedness needs. The Survival Magnesium Flint Fire Steel Starter Lighter is used to start a fire in an emergency situation. It also comes with a compass to aid in navigation.

The Sparkie Fire Starter can be operated with one hand and does a great job of creating fire even in wet weather. It will generate sparks three times hotter than a match.

In any emergency situation, you'll need some basic items and gears.

Here's an emergency preparedness kit checklist:

Emergency telephone numbers

Flashlight (s) ...a must in any scenario

Matches and candles



Signal mirror

Emergency blanket


First Aid Supplies

Bandages and sterile gauze pads


Scissors and needles


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Please use common sense when you go camping, or venturing into any wilderness trek.

There are also several survival kits:

Stay Safe Kit

The UST Heritage Survival Kit

FeatherLite Survival Kit

FeatherLite Survival Kit 1.0

FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0

These all contain an assortment of essential supplies you may need in an emergency.

So, can you survive 21 days in the wilderness like the survivalist in Naked and Afraid? With these emergency preparedness tools, sure you can.