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UST Heritage Campfire Fire Starter Kit

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The Heritabe Campfire Kit features a collection of classic fire starting necessities.

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Detailed Description

Do you desire to learn Bushcraft or wilderness survival skills?

Are you part of a boy scouts group trying to perfect your craft in a jungle setting?

Or are you and your family just ordinary folks who want to learn how to survive in the outdoors?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then the UST Heritage Campfire Fire Starter Kit is your package of choice.

The UST brands have been in business for over 80 years producing outstanding outdoors survival and camping equipment.

This product comes bundled in a convenient strong burlap bag with a draws string at the top.

What's in the package:

Heritage spark lite fire starter is a smaller fire starter with a convenient wooden handle for easy grip. It also comes with a leather strap.

The kit also comes with traditional fire starter striker.

Nine bailed-up Kindling Logs are also included in the kit. They are coated with a sort of waxy material that helps the logs burn longer. All these comes stored in a reusable plastic bag.

Included in the kit are 12 Heritage Light-Me Tinder that is conveniently stored in a small compact snap lid tin. These tinders are securely wrapped in a resealable plastic bag. So, there is no fear of them getting wet.

To get these tube-like tinders going just twist or unravel them a bit into a cotton ball or fluff, or break them slightly apart. The key is to get all those fibers exposed for easy ignition.

Lastly, the kit comes with a set of Learn & Live fire building tips cards. These cards are constructed of a waterproof plastic-type material, so there is no fear of them getting soaked and faded.

This quick reference guide makes a great learning and teaching tool that teaches the how, where, why, what of fire-building.

The cards are held together with a ring on the ends so you can shuffle them out like a deck of playing cards.

You'll get tips and information on:

  • Fire safety
  • Lighting your fire
  • Where to build a fire
  • Why learn how to make a fire
  • Tools for lighting your fire
  • Gathering your tinder, and...
  • Constructing a fire.

These fire building cards provide lots of useful and practical tips for your next wilderness trek, or a handy kit just in case you get lost in a remote jungle location and need to get a fire going or for keeping warm.

One very important tip is how to extinguish a fire. Brush fires have become a growing concern for communities. Just look at some of the recent fires in California that burned for days with millions of dollars going up in flames...not to mention the loss of lives as well. In many of these cases, folks are not properly extinguishing their campfires, or they are improperly starting campfires.

These handy cards are useful for these situations.

You can order this UST Heritage Campfire Fire-Starter Kit that comes with FREE shipping.

So, if you're part of a scout's group, a hiking club or just want to brush up on your wilderness survival skills, then this campfire starter kit a MUST of your survival arsenal. We have also discounted the price to make it affordable for you.

So, get yours now before it runs out.

A limited supply of stock.

Order yours NOW. 

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